Apples may stay fresher when exposed to a magnetic field.

Put Apples in Magnetic Field, Keep Them Fresh Longer

Have you reached for that fresh, delicious apple in your kitchen only to find it beginning to spoil? What if you can stick your apples in a box full of strong magnets to keep them fresher for longer, basically extending their shelf life?

Scientists at Rzeszow University in Poland found that you can indeed use a magnetic field to extend the shelf life of apples.

They exposed fruits to a magnetic field for 8 hours a day for two weeks. Apples exposed to the magnetic field had a higher ratio of total soluble solid and titratable acidity compared to the the apples not exposed to the magnetic field. That’s a fancy way of saying the magnet-treated apples were of higher quality.

The magnet-treated apples were higer quality, had more firmness and a longer shelf life than the apples not exposed to the magnetic field.

So if you want better tasting apples that stay fresh longer, stick them in a box with strong magnets. Well, it’s not that simple, but you can read the paper from the researchers below.

Method for Prolonging the Shelf Life of Apples after Storage